Cornelius Sicarrus || Human-21 || Room 2513 || Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin || FC: Gaspard Ulliel || OPEN

A word of advice in the subject of Cornelius: Stay away. 

If the Devil had a child it would be Cornelius, and Lucifer would be so proud. The boy was diagnosed with psychopathy, severe sadistic personality and he is also a sociopath. Since very young he had the urges to kill and torture, it started with small animals, and it escalated to humans quickly. 

Extremely intelligent and completely emotionless, Cornelius learned how to fake feelings and how to impress people, and soon enough his charm became his most deadly weapon.

You will never see this particular dark-haired young man acting by impulse. All the things he does are very well calculated. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word mistake.  

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