Valerie Sol / 22 / FC: Candice Accola

“People snap when their ability to cope is overwhelmed,” said Dr. Robert Trestman, director of the Center for Correctional Mental Health.

Valerie Sol’s case was one that had perplexed him greatly, unknown of what caused the girl to finally cave in. A thorough investigation later led him to believe that it was a mixture of grades, peer-pressure, and sadness. All of these things were prevalent in the young girl’s life, her diary explaining almost everything. Valerie usually stayed under the radar, never doing anything significant in her high school career. She hand a handful of friends, and a tight group of girls that didn’t really seem to really know her. In her diary, she’d mention many times when she’d try to communicate to them about her problems at home, but they never listened. It was always a joke, and Valerie would laugh to play along.

There was nothing funny about Valerie’s home life, though. Her parents adopted her at a very young age, constantly pushing her to the limit to become someone important. They went as far as dying her hair red to make her stand out from the other students. It wasn’t until high school where she begged them to let her hair be the natural blonde it was meant to be. Everything had to be perfect in the Sol household, from grades to sports. Forced onto the volleyball team, Valerie was an average player. She did alright, but never got more than a high-five. This drove her parents mad with disappointment, Valerie working extra hard after classes to become better at volleyball. She wrote mostly about the look her father would give her when she was practicing, and how sad he looked.

It was as if he was staring at a project he had failed miserably, and that glare buried itself into my head. It never went away.

Along with the mediocre athletics, Valerie’s grades were beginning to slip towards her junior year in high school. All the time she put into trying to impress her foster parents took a toll on her academics, her grades dipping to the average GPA of her school. She constantly felt as if she was carrying a heavy weight across her shoulder, the feeling getting even worse when she’d try to sleep. Thoughts of suicide plagued her daily, the rest of her life seeming like a waste. There was nothing left for her, not one thing she could excel at. She did everything averagely, and while that wasn’t too bad, her parents saw it as a complete failure. They became distant with her, unsure of how to face her without showing how annoyed and disappointed they were.

On graduation day, she took her diploma with tears in her eyes, feeling as if she didn’t deserve the document in her hand. While the crowd thought they were tears of happiness, she knew of the pure pain she felt inside. That same day, she left her diploma on her parent’s bed, disappearing into the night. Her diary mentioned everything about her life, but never about where she’d go. Her parents completely melt-down, the disappearance causing a divorce, not that Valerie would know. She has been classified as a missing person ever since, but they’ll never find her, for she’s on Phasma Island. With no plans to return, Valerie makes Phasma her new permanent home.

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♀ Victoria Brooks

» is twenty-one years old.
» looks like Nina Dobrev.
» is taken.

Victoria Brooks had an average life from the day she was born. Her mother was a school teacher, and her father was a dentist. She was an only child – and while most thought the title came with perks, such as more money to spend, or a bigger bedroom – that was not the case for Victoria. Though she was fine with the way she lived. She was never a very greedy person, and was the type of friend that one longed to have, always listening and trying to give you the best advice when you needed it.

From her freshmen year of high school on, Victoria had been a cheerleader – convinced by her best friend to attend try-outs, just so she wasn’t alone. Victoria enjoyed cheerleading, and by junior year, she had fallen head over heels for the quarterback of the football team, Ryan. It wasn’t long before the two started dating. Tori quickly learned that the boy she had fallen in love with was nothing like what he had seemed at first, sweet; in fact, he was the complete opposite, forcing Tori to take him to parties, only so he could get wasted out of his mind. But, for some reason, Tori found herself continuing the relationship years past high school’s end.

A year after graduating from high school, however, things took a turn for the worst. The two had been out that afternoon; hanging out with some friends they had made in college, when Ryan told Victoria he needed her to take him to the bank so he could get out some cash for the outing he had planned for just the two of them later in the evening. Victoria said yes, completely oblivious to the events that were about to take place. She had decided to wait out in the car for Ryan, listening to some music while she watched him walk inside. A few minutes passed, before Tori heard what she thought was a gunshot, and then saw Ryan running out – a bag full of cash in his hands, and a ski-mask over his face. As he jumped into the car, he told her to drive, screaming it in her ear. She complied, scared of what he would do to her if she didn’t. Weeks went by, and soon Ryan was caught by the police, while Tori anxiously sat at home, wondering what would happen next.

Soon, Victoria learned that Ryan had placed some of the blame on her, and she saw photos of herself on the nightly news – reporting she had been the getaway car for a bank robbery that ended in the death of a security guard. While her parents were sleeping, Victoria packed her things, leaving them a note explaining that she was innocent, and that she would be back one day. She had been on the run for almost a year – in and out of different motels and cities, when she stumbled upon a flyer for Phasma. Without thinking, she packed up her few things, and set out for the island.

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